The gentle soul of the house ...

sensitive, eclectic, she skillfully and perfectly combines tastes to spoil the whole family.

Vintage: 1963
Born into a wine-growing family with a wine tavern , wine is in her blood ! She was educated in a commercial college, married Franz in 1982 and made wine her profession. She is a qualified sommelier.

Qualities: Always cheerful with an infectious laugh. She is very sensitive to pleasures, always considerate, loves gardening and flowers.

Distinctions: Famous for the flowers and decor around the winery, her descriptions of wine and – with Franz - has two grown-up daughters.

Job: Administration, marketing, sales and customer service in the winery.


The thinker ...

cleverly combines traditions, old with new, and has guided the Netzl wine-growing activities as they developed through the family’s mixed farming interests into an established winery.

Vintage: 1961 - He studied viniculture in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria and gained practical experience in German wineries.

Qualities: Down-to-earth, with a soft, good-natured character, always out to lend a helping hand, and very committed to his community and collaborative efforts.

Distinctions: Acclaimed by many wine media and publications, he is a long-standing chairperson of the Göttlesbrunn Wine Growers Association, Vice-President of the Rubin Carnuntum Producers Association, member of the Göttlesbrunn Town Council and Voluntary Fire Brigade.

Job: the wine cellar, the vineyeards, customer service and wine tastings - in short, everything !


The whirlwind ...

her amazing energy always gets a smile and is constantly a source of good cheer.

Vintage: 1987
She is a graduate of the Pannoneum School of Tourism with a Master’s Degree in Management and did several internships in the tourism sector in Vienna and Salzburg, as a young sommelier and is now working in the area of corporate control systems.

Qualities: Very outgoing and good-natured with a soft heart. She is talkative, entertaining, loves being in contact with people, but is also a good listener and very responsive to others.

Distinctions: An enthusiastic member of all great team player in all local clubs: Göttlesbrunn Youth Brass Band, Ladies Football Team , and is always there for everyone.


The creator ...

bubbling over with ideas, she brings new energy and fresh thinking to our winery.

Vintage: 1984
She attended commercial colleage and completed her studies in international wine management (Master of Arts in Business) at the Academy of Viniculture in Krems, Lower Austria. She met Peter in 2002 and they married in 2009. Since August 2010 mummy of little Lena and since January 2013 of little Anna-Maria.

Qualities: She is vivacious with a striking laugh and loves nature, has great charisma, patience, and shows a very spirited streak at times !

Distinctions: A talent for label design, a good nose for white wine selection, the introduction of new technologies and ideas in the wine cellar.

Job: Marketing, sales and administration, wine tastings and customer service. She lovingly tends the vines as they grow and bear fruit, and the grapes from harvest to maturity as wines.


The practical one ...

he always aims for top quality and perfection in everything – and in the shortest time possible ! He is very passionate about his vines and of course the wines in his cellar.

Vintage: 1986
He studied wine-growing and wine cellar management at Krems Academy of Viniculture, followed by an internship at Gerhard Markowitsch’s winery in Gottlesbrunn, and gained his experience of cellar and vineyard management at Artner Winery in Höflein. He and Christina met in 2002 and married in 2009.

Qualities: He is close to nature, down-to-earth, loves the vineyards and enjoys working with his hands. He is known for his seemingly tough exterior, but soft heart. Though on the quiet side, he loves to philosophize at length about wine .

Distinctions: His vineyards and wines speak for themselves, as a number of wine critics have already discovered.

Job: He manages the Artner Winery cellar and vineyards, is an asset around vines with his knowledge, new ideas and reflections, and always as constructive critic.


The nature-lover ...

who loves working in the vineyard and spending hours among the vines, where she was always a great help to Johann.

Vintage: 1933
She comes from a large farming family and has been at Johann’s side since 1959.

Qualities: Her love of nature keeps her in the vineyard (mostly barefoot) from January to October.

Distinctions: She has celebrated fifty years of marriage to Johann, has four clever, hard-working children .

Job: Now in well-earned retirement.


The thoughtful ...

Emminence Grise of the family, whose hard work laid the ground for the winery as it is now. He had decades of experience, was delighted to offer advice, took an interest in absolutely everything that had to be done in the vineyards and the cellar, and had always been open to new ideas and innovations.

Vintage: 1933 - 2011
He started work at a very early age, and was engaged in all areas of work (at least in his thoughts) up to the end.

Qualities: Good-natured and patient, interested in traditions, but also in change.

Distinctions: Married to Augustine for 50 years, they have four very able children. He was among the first to bottle wine.

Job: Always there for all generations of the family for advice and support from his vast treasure of experience.


The tractor driver ...

came to us immediately after graduating from the Krems Academy of Viniculture together with his beloved tractor. His strength lies in his calm nature and attention to all tasks.

Job: Maintenance work in the wine cellar (Franz’s right hand), and all the mechanical tasks in the vineyards (from the ground up...)


The hard worker ...

loves nature and the vineyards and always has his eye on both. He misses nothing, takes everything in for future reference...

Job: Manages the vineyard team and cellar tasks.


The master painter by profession ...

though this is his dream job , he is equally at home with the demands of work in the vineyards and cellar. He is the one responsible for our attractive ruby-coloured barrique barrels.

Job: Tasks in the vineyards, cellar, painting the barrique barrels.